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Share several online website speed/monitoring services

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CA App Synthetic Monitor Online ping tool that only performs response speed tests to target websites from around the world. Supports entering a domain name or ip.

Host-tracker It is also a global website speed measurement tool, with a total of 50 to 60 test points from various places. Because there are many test points and the time required, the report is not too detailed.

Pingdom Display the overall speed of the target website and the loading speed and URL of each element in a beautiful chart. This tool can easily find pictures of dead links.

Rapid searchmetrics Website speed check This is actually part of the seo toolset. Calculate the evaluation loading time, and can display the js and image size contained in the target page. It can also estimate the loading speed of various bandwidth environments (of course, this has no reference value for the characteristic bandwidth of our North Korea). Registration is free, but there are verification codes for simple arithmetic problems.,46.html

WebSiteOptimization Provides very detailed reports, types and sizes of various elements, number of external objects, download time, and analysis suggestions (of course, e-text).

Freespeedtest This site has a little more functionality. Left: Test your current broadband connection speed around the world. However, this function is not very normal due to the existence of the wall. Right: Testing the speed of connecting to the target website around the world, actually calling In addition, the site requires email for testing.

WebSitePulse Provides a series of quick test methods, including site test, page test, http header file test, link check. The reports provided include website response time, file size and number of links.

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