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Plesk uninstall and reinstall method

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plesk is a commercial console control panel that competes with cpanel

But the price of plesk is obviously much more beautiful. The hosting version is not limited to the domain name and the number of users.

Use a third-party server to purchase the plesk host edit version for unlimited domains and users for only 19 euros

The following describes the uninstall and reinstall methods of plesk.

Download the plesk installation script


Give script execution permission

chmod +x ./plesk-installer

Open plesk online installation

./plesk-installer --web-interface

Enter your IP address plus port 8447, and make sure the firewall opens port 8447, such as  


Enter username and password

Login name: root // The root account of the system
Password: <YOUR_SERVER_ROOT_PASSWORD> // The root password of the system

Then you can operate online, because plesk supports Chinese, so the following is no longer redundant, see the picture by yourself

Reference official documentation linux-using-installer-gui.76446 /

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