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A better Markdown editing tool than Typora - Yu Writer Pro

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Efficient cross-platform Markdown text editor - Yu Writer Pro

Supports Windows, Mac, Linux (coming soon)

special function

Yu Writer aims to create a comfortable, concise, efficient, smooth and focused writing environment. The main functions are:

Integrated document library, unified organization and management of documents

Yu Writer's document repository is based on a local file system, using an open format to store documents and the data they produce. Even if you no longer use Yu Writer in the future, you can still manage libraries created by Yu Writer using the operating system's native file explorer, and you can use any text editor to open and edit documents created by Yu Writer.

The editing history of the document is detailed to every word entered, and the document will be automatically saved

Whether it is a program crash or your own misoperation, the fruits of your labor will never be lost again. In addition, the document will be automatically saved. When editing the document, you can close the document or close the application at any time. The next time you open it, it will automatically resume editing and restore it together with the cursor position. There is no need to worry about forgetting to save.

Support Markdown format

Markdown is a plain text format that can generate richly formatted documents with pictures and texts by interspersing some simple and easy-to-remember marks and symbols. Writing documents in Markdown format can reduce the energy expenditure on typesetting and text format adjustment, allowing you to focus on content creation, keeping your hands on the keyboard to enter text to the greatest extent, ensuring the coherence of creative ideas, and saving a little bit of verticality. Evanescent inspirations are quickly recorded.

Convenient graphical auxiliary editing function

If you are not completely familiar with the Markdown syntax, Yu Writer has built-in some convenient graphical auxiliary editing tools to help you complete the document, such as generating and editing tools such as links, pictures, task lists, and tables. In addition, Yu Writer also has built-in Markdown grammar real-time checking and automatic document beautification functions.


Powerful text processing capabilities

For example, separating some numbers with a vertical bar will automatically form a "table". You can use the Tab key to move freely in the "cells" of the "table", and the "table" will automatically adjust the column width according to the content. You can also use the context menu. Sort the data in the "table", add or delete rows or columns, etc. It feels like editing a table in a spreadsheet application, yet it's all over plain text.

Shortcuts and autocomplete to improve editing efficiency

For example, when you enter two asterisks, the editor will automatically complete the following two asterisks to indicate bold formatting; for example, after entering a line of text, pressing Alt + Enter will automatically change to the title of the correct level. Yu Writer will traverse hundreds of contextual judgment conditions before auto-completion, in order to achieve accurate rather than mechanical completion.

Support slideshow

Documents can be played as slideshows without any conversion. With code blocks, mathematical formulas, tables, charts and other elements, it can meet the needs of general technical explanations, classroom teaching and other application scenarios.

Support multi-tab, multi-window, outline view, quick open tool, inbox tool

Yu Writer has prepared a powerful firepower reserve for heavy writing users, and is still able to write complex and huge documents with ease. Yu Writer even supports opening two windows side by side to edit different parts of the same document at the same time.

Supports commands, charts, LaTeX math formulas

Yu Writer introduces the concept of "directive" (i.e. Directive, a directive is generally a word written in the top case, such as @toc and @chart) without adding or changing the Markdown syntax, which greatly expands the Scope of Markdown documents. For example, just add a @chart command in front of the table, and the table can be rendered into a bar chart, pie chart, stack chart and other charts.

Like other Markdown editors, Yu Writer – a text editor that automatically converts pasted content to Markdown format

Note that Yu Writer Pro can be downloaded and used for free, but some functions need to be registered, that is, to pay.

RMB ¥100 per authorizer (single device);

However, in terms of overall use, Yu Writer Pro is really much stronger than Typora.

Yu Writer Pro official website

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