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Openlitespeed /litespeed deny methods to access folders and files

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Openlitespeed /litespeed deny methods to access folders and files

It's very simple, litespeed/openlitespeed is compatible with apache.htacess,

Just write the rule to the.htacess file

Alternatively, add the rules manually through the litespeed/openlitespeed webGUI console

Disabling access to a specified directory, such as bak

RewriteRule ^bak/.*$-[F,L]

This makes all files in the bak directory inaccessible

Restrict access to all files of specified types such as.log and.db files

RewriteRule ^/.*\.(log|ini|db|env)$-(F,L) 

It's as simple as that

But it's important to note that the rules are executed from the top down

Here's the problem, assuming the site is accessed through JAVA on the back end of the proxy

If backend JAVA does not restrict access to these files

The rules above should be written in the first article, and the rules for the proxy backend JAVA should be written later.

Of course, when testing, I found that this setup caused a bit of a delay in the site

To learn more about litespeed, see another litespeed article

Official lopenlitespeed documentation

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