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how to find out the ssh port of the cpanel host

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Generally, the default ssh port of the cpanel host is unchanged.

But some host companies will change the default ssh port. For example, buyvm's cpanel host ssh port is not the default.

So how to find out the ssh port? There are two ways

Is to scan with a tool

Hmm ~~~ This home is okay, if you use some hosting providers or servers

Scanning other people's ports may be suspended or cancelled. How to find it?

Look at the picture. . . Don't bother typing. . . It was late at night in the blink of an eye. . .

Click where the circle is drawn

Download the sftp configuration file because sftp is based on the ssh protocol

Download coreftp software

Then pour into the sftp configuration file just downloaded, the file name is Secure username.coreftp

Then you can see the ssh port

If you are too lazy to download the coreftp software, then the super easy way ,,,

Use some professional editors to open the Secure username.coreftp file and find the port to see the ssh port.

Select the default encoding when opening the file, do not open in binary mode

ps: It's important to say once again that you should not use Microsoft's own notepad to edit files. . .

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