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Create Debian minimal with Hyper-V

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Ways to create Debian minimal with Hyper-V

First open Hyper-V, see the picture below, Hyper-V is really very practical, powerful and easy to operate

Open the windows management tool, the path is generally

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools

chose netinst.iso images for debian, download mirrors

Open Hyper-V Manager and select New Virtual Machine

Then customize the configuration of the virtual machine, such as the virtual machine system image file, network, hard disk memory size, CPU limit, and so on. . .

The following are the core steps to install Debian minimal. The choice here is very important, as shown below

We only select the required ssh, as well as the standard components of the system, do not install others

Many installations of Debian minimal are also customized and need to be manually installed by yourself. . .

Installation is complete, you can log in to Debian minimal in Chongqing

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