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Powerful and free professional video editing tool - Cutscene Pro

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Powerful and free professional video editing tool - Cutscene Pro

Support multi-track/audio editing, easy to handle complex editing projects

ClipShow Pro still has a powerful clip library with thousands of popular clips updated in real time.

Including audio, flower words, special effects, filters. Different angles to meet your creative needs and make the video more full.

Professional variable speed effects can be added with a single click, so you can turn the clips you record into blockbusters.

Intelligent recognition of subtitles and lyrics, subtitles are no longer a worry.

Popular music library, a large number of BGM can be enjoyed at will.

Various styles of fonts and flower bubbles.

Never thought editing could be so fun.

Classic high quality effects and filter effects.

Easily create a cinematic feel.

Cut Screen Pro supports higher quality output.

You can set the resolution, frame rate, bit rate and other parameters as you need.

4K video resolution, 60fps video frame rate

Support Mac os, Windows, Android platform

Official website

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