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Scaleway offers free 75GB object storage

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Scaleway and are the same. I do n’t know which one is the boss.

Scaleway currently offers free 75GB of object storage, with 75GB of free data per month

Compatible with the S3 protocol, which is the famous Amazon's s3 storage protocol. Of course, this refers to the S3CMD tool.

At present, many object storage vendors support S3CMD. For S3CMD, refer to the official website.

I wanted to register and test it. Well, the internet is very touching, after all, it ’s really in Europe.

However, Scaleway provides free 75GB object storage, which can be used to back up data.

It is not recommended to set up a website. Currently, Scaleway is known to provide free 75GB object storage data centers in Europe.

Those who are interested can take a look and toss

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