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Why the used car market can survive the economic downturn

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Why the used car market can survive in the economic downturn.

See ads for cars on the main street, used car dealers, and car circles for friends.

I have been thinking about why the used car market can survive in the economic downturn.

Knowing that I recently sold a car that I had driven for a few years, I had no idea.

See below

Some thoughts on buying second-hand can survive

  1. Information asymmetry

Used car dealers buy your car at a low price, but buyers don't know your price

The owner of the second-hand car dealer, continuously instilled that I didn't make any money selling this car,

This car has no blisters, no accidents, no fires, and so on. Tell you the price you earned.

However, the prices of used cars are generally on the half-line, with 10,000 cars sold and more than 20,000 sold.

  1. Network resources

Because the owner of a used car dealership has a wide network of contacts, there will naturally be potential customers. . .

So generally good cars, the cheaper ones will be collected first, and slowly sold out. . .

Generally speaking, those who understand the car will know how much the car is. . .

The car you sell, as soon as you start the engine, listen to the sound to know that the car is in good condition. .

So after the boss watched the car, he took the money directly and drove away. Of course, the price was very low. . .

  1. Insurance, financial loan interest

Many people also buy loans for used cars, as well as insurance for used cars.

You know that these are commissioned, and they are very high. . .

Basically, selling cars is a sideline. . . The above is superficial thinking. . .

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