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Personal blog database selection, mysql vs sqlite?

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Always looking for lightweight when setting up a personal blog

So it is very entangled whether the database should choose MySQL or sqlite

Checked out information on MySQL and sqlite

Roughly compare the differences between the two

Talk about your unscientific views

Personal blog does not really need to use MySQL, sqlite can be a good choice

Personal blogs do not have a large amount of data written at the same time. After writing the article, you can use cache or CDN acceleration to reduce the large number of sqlite read

The sqlite database is also easy to back up, only one .db file

The amount of data comparison between the two has not been tested

But MySQL data has been used, about 10W article database capacity is about 5G. . .

The response speed of the website is obviously slower. Of course, the open source program used will not be optimized by itself ~~~~

Considering the above, considering personal blogs is convenient and practical, the pursuit of lightweight sqlite is a good choice

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